Canomod currently offers the following shipping method:
DHL, EMS (7 days), Standard Post Office.
If you wish to ship your order by the above methods. Please contact us at for pricing.
UPS Express Shipping (3 business days)
In Depth Shipping Information
UPS express shipping (3 business days with tracking number)
Shipping cost to Russian Federation will vary based on package size and will be shipped by EMS , please contact us at for details
+ 250 and 450 size heli canopies: 30usd
+ 500 size heli canopies: 35usd
+ 550/600/700 size heli canopies: 40usd
+ Shipping cost for oversized canopies will vary based on location
Other products:
Other products: 5usd extra charge for each product add in cart.
30usd unlimited quantity.
We have done our very best to cover every last topic that may be brought up, and hope the above link will assist you with any questions that may arise.
Sales Tax
Most order shipped out to you will not be taxed, but in some countries you may be subjected to local taxes – please contact your local government agency for better assistance in this matter.
Return Policy
Have a problem with your product?
Simply need to make a return?
Check below for help with your returns, along with our stated guidelines regarding these matters.
Lost/damaged packages or otherwise:
For damaged packages, we can accept these (3) days after the packages arrive. 20%, 50% discount , full refund or replacement will be applied accordingly.
For lost packages, we will ship the new packages to you immediately.
Shipping Insurance
Shipping insurance is an extra fee of 5% total of your cart that you are asked to pay to insure your packages in case of lost or damage. Choosing the insurance means your order will be insured and we will ship the new one or return a full refund to you immediately.
You can choose not to insure your package, we will still take these cases seriously but it would take us sometime to work with the shipping carrier to claim the money back.